domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

Homework-unit 9

Every Monday ... I wake up at 5.20 and I get up at 5:30. Then I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Then I go to the kitchen.

I breakfast with a glass of juice. I put on my pants, my shirt, my jacket and hat, I leave my house at 6.10. To go to college.

I get to college at 6.20. I'm in college until 11.00. At 11.30 I'm going home for lunch.

Lunch at 1.30 and then I'll take a nap until 3.00. I wake up and do my homework until6.00. After doing my homework
game on my ps3 to 8.30. What time is dinner.

After dinner I go the PC and talk to my friends and play until 10.50. Now at 11.00. I go to sleep ....

So short that day ... I want to play anymore!.

domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011


Hi, my name is wilson. My favorite month of the year is august . i love celebrate my birthday. my favorite day of the week is Friday, because I have to work on Saturday and sleep late. my favorite day of the year is the day of halloween. I eat cake and have a coke. stay home playing ps3. My birthday is on august 19. I was born in 1993. i´m 18 years old.


My week is relaxed. On Monday morning, I have English class at 7:00 am. In the afternoon working on the pc at 2:30 pm. On Tuesday, I have exprecion technique classes at 8:00 to 4:00 pm game on the ps3. 6:00 am Wednesday to go to college and afternoon, lunch at around 1:45 pm. Thursday am with my friends at about 7:00 and 6:00on the pc work again. It's Friday! At 8:00 am I voi history lessons and my drawing classat 2:00 pm. Saturday at 2:00 pm I stay home playing ps3 and 9:00 pm go to dinner with my family. Sunday! Today I usually get up at 10:00 pm and 2:00 pm go to the mall.